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Oak Pre-finished Flooring Installation (View 1)


Oak Pre-finished Stairs Installation (View 2)


Oak Pre-finished Flooring Installation (View 3)



Poirier Building and Remodeling can take on your flooring jobs.  You buy the wood or tile, and call us to install it, or we'll be happy to provide it, as well as all other necessary installation materials.


Our floors are meticulously installed.  We specialize in both pre-finished 3/4" hardwood flooring, and 1/4" - 3/8" man-made  products. 


Our tile installation is carefully planned to take best advantage of your room and hallway designs.


Tropical Hardwood Purple Heart Installation


Hallway Tile Installation


Oak Pre-finished Hardwood (+ fireplace mantle)


Laminate Flooring Installation in Finished Basement



Poirier Building and Remodeling ~ Phone: (603)520-4282 ~ Fax: (603)782-4859 ~ Email:wapoirier@gmail.com